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Section 1Product Identification
DataComputer Products
5650 Kaeton Crescent Circle, Unit B
Mississauga, Ontario I5r3g3
Tel. 845-583-0217
Fax. 845-583-0132
Toll Free: 800-919-9046
Chemical formulation: Granular absorbent and deodorant granules Hazardous Rating: Health 0
Product code: 0560 Flamm 0
Chemtrec Emergency # 800-424-9300 Reactiv 0
Hazardous rating chart: 0 insignificant, 1 slight, 2 moderate, 3 high, 4 extreme
Hazardous Ingredients
Values are reported as twa unless noted epa 40cfr
Substance Appx% OSHA Pel ACGIH TLV 302 355 372 Cas #
This product contains no hazardous components as defined in 29 cfr 1910 1200 d
PEL permissible exposure limit, tlv threshold limit value, c ceiling level, stel short term exposure limit, n/a not applicable, n/d not determined, n/e not established, y yes, n no, 322 cercla list of hazardous substances and reportable quantities (40 cfr 302.4) 355 SARA Title III List of extremely hazardous substances for emergency planning and notification (40cfr 355) 372 SARA title III List of toxic chemicals subject to release reporting (community right to know) (40cfr 372)
This product contains no known hazardous substances regarding the aforementioned right to know regulations
Physical Data
Boiling point (f) n/a specific gravity (water=1) n/a vapor pressure (mm hg) n/a voc content (% by weight) n/a vapor density (air=1) n/a evaporation rate (water=1) n/a solubility in water: insoluble ph n/a appearance and odor: Green in color, solid granules, cherry fragrance
Fire and Explosive Data
Flash point (f) n/a test method closed cup flammable limits in air (volume %) upper n/d lower n/d Extinguishing media: foam, carbon dioxide, dry chemical are recommended fire fighting guidelines. Special Fire Fighting guidelines: Cool fire exposed containers with water fog. Firefighters should be equipped with full protective gear including with scba and normal protective wear. This product does not contain any unusual fire and explosive hazards that are known to us.
Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable Incompatibility: Oxidizing agents conditions to avoid excess heat and open flames Hazardous decomposition products: Thermal decomposition may produce oxides of carbon. Hazardous polymerization will not occur conditions to avoid none
Health Hazard Data
Routes of entry include inhalation, eye contact, skin contact, ingestion
Ingredients that are considered by OSHA, NTP, IARC, to be suspected human carcinogens: none Effects of overexposure If in eyes mild irritation and redness from direct contact with dust accumulations, if on skin mild irritation with prolonged exposure, if swallowed
gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, cramps and possible vomiting, if inhaled irritation to upper respiratory tract. Emergency and first aid guidelines include and are not limited to: If in eyes flush eyes and under eyelids with plenty of cold water for approximately 15 minutes. If irritation persist seek immediate medical attention., If on skin wash with soap and water if irritation persist seek immediate medical attention, if swallowed: Contact physician or poison control center immediately, Give affected person several glasses of water and do not induce vomiting. It is not recommended to give anything at all ever to an unconscious person, if inhaled remove affected person to fresh air. As in all situations where a person shows effects of overexposure to any chemical substance it is always recommended to air on the side of caution without hesitation.
Spill or Leak Protection
Steps to be taken if material is released or spilled: Ventilate area and remove all sources of ignition. Place material in a sealed container for disposal. Waste disposal methods are regulated by local authorities and users should contact them for assistance.
Special Protection Information
Respiratory information: It is recommended to use this product in adequately ventilated areas and not to breathe dust particles. Local ventilation is recommended and mechanical ventilation is not required. Protective gloves are not required under normal use, Eye protection is not required under normal use, other protective apparatus is not required under normal use. Storage recommendations: store in a cool dry place away from heat and open flames. Do not allow large quantities of dust to accumulate keep container tightly closed when not in use.
As in all chemicals Keep out of the reach of children.
Transportation Information
DOT proper shipping name none, dot class none, dot id # none, dot packing group none. This information applies to quantities of less than 119 gallon containers of this product. It may also have more than one proper shipping name depending on packaging, properties, and mode of shipment. If packaging is changed or altered or for other than ground shipping then other labels or names may apply.
Prepared by T. Grant, revised as of 1/2/04. The information provided in this material safety data sheet is based on sources considered to be true and reliable and is considered accurate based on past knowledge and experiences. However, no warrantee is expressed or implied as to its validity and the use thereof. The producer assumes no liability or responsibility for personal injury or damage to the user or third party caused by use of this product. The user assumes all liabilities in conjunction with the use, storage or distribution associated with this material. This material safety data sheet is produced with good intentions in order to disclose all pertinent known information to the consumer. Under normal use these guidelines are considered accurate and effective. Naturally mixing chemicals, chemical agents or enhancers is not recommended.